Wild Fire


1H 40MIN

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Exploring love, lust, and loyalty through the lens of three couples of various sexualities, Wild Fire challenges traditional ideas of desire and commitment as seven acquaintances shine a light on the frightening truths, lies, and secrets in their closest relationships. After a party, seven acquaintances gather around a crackling fire. Each character arrives at a critical juncture in their lives, unaware that the night ahead will force them to confront issues they have long been avoiding. The group is drawn into an unyielding game of Truth or Dare. As the game accelerates, the exemplary couple opens up about what they’re going through—that they’re not as perfect as they seem. This sets the stage for the rest of the group to open up about their lives, unspoken desires, and secrets. The following morning, back in their bedrooms, each couple must choose a path. Will they integrate their newly exposed truth or choose to act as if nothing has changed? Wild Fire is the scintillating directorial debut of Jennifer Cooney (who also wrote, produced, and edited the film), with an engaging, talented cast whose character-driven stories of inner demons and the courage it takes to transcend them will stick with you long after watching.


Directed by Jennifer Cooney

Written by Jennifer Cooney

Produced by Connor Allen
Jennifer Cooney
Jennifer Forgione
Steve Husted
Scott Jacoby
Christine Policare

Cast Jillian Geurts
Siena D'Addario
Madeleine Dee
Celeste Marcone
Todd Licea
Sam Ball
Annie Gill
Jessica Marie Trauger