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In France Michelle Is A Man's Name

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Dir. Em Weinstein / USA / 12 Minutes
Young, trans Michael returns to his family home in the rural American West. His father takes him on a sultry exploit, striving to connect. In France Michelle is a Man’s Name was made by a group of trans, female and queer filmmakers in the fall of 2019. Set against the backdrop of the American West, this 12-minute film explores fatherhood, rituals of male bonding, and what it means to identify as a trans man in contemporary America.

Heavenly Brown Body

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Dir. Leslie Foster / USA / 6 Minutes
This experimental, multichannel piece is a poetic rumination on the holiness of brown bodies, based on the poetry of Mark Aguhar (1987-2012).

The Bag

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Dir. Sam Azghandi / Iran / 8 Minutes
Muhammad is a Male to Female Transgender person from Iran, in her late twenties, who is struggling to come out in to family and society. She moved to the US to study and is looking for a way to come out.

Not That Kind Of Guy

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Dir. Sarah Al Atassi / France / 26 Minutes
Léto is a transgender and gay 20-something boy living in an industrial suburb of Tours (France). He is stuck between a boring day job at the local art house movie theater, a hostile neighborhood, random encounters and feelingless sex through dating apps. Hopelessly wandering, his feet drag him one day to the ice skating ring where works Hamza, an attractive and enigmatic Syrian guy. Will this meet-cute finally warm his heart? French language with English subtitles.

Shéár Avory: To Be Continued

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Dir. Abram Cerda / USA / 26 Minutes
Shéár Avory: To Be Continued is the coming of age story of Shéár Avory (pronouns: they/them/theirs), a 17 year old aspiring social justice advocate in Los Angeles who navigates housing instability and familial dependency on their journey to adulthood. Shéár depends closely on their mother Amber for continued access to their medical transition, though struggling in her recovery from addiction, she is unable to always offer Shéár the support they need. An observational piece, the film aims to ask, what does coming into adulthood actually look like, for a young Black trans femme in today’s America?

Trans Happiness Is Real

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Dir. Quinton Baker / UK / 8 Minutes
An activists' journey to finding their voice. A transgender activist takes to the streets of Oxford to fight anti-trans sentiments through graffiti.

Cost You Nothing

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Dir. Patricia Kelly / Ireland / 10 Minutes
A mother's fractious relationship with her son disintegrates when she cannot accept the man he has become.

Hello, My Name Is...

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Dir. Chris Machian / USA / 29 Minutes
A documentary exploring the transgender experience through the journey of their new name.