This Time


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Closeted sixteen-year-old Grace Walker is trapped in her very suburban, Christian existence. When news of her estranged biological father’s death, along with his belongings, make it to her stepfather’s funeral home, she discovers drawings, a burned music CD of his favorite songs, and a letter from his close friend Liza Minnelli. On the eve of her mother and stepfather sending her off to conversion therapy, she steals the funeral home’s hearse setting out on a road trip to deliver her father’s ashes to Liza—where she believes her father wanted them to go. Unbeknownst to Grace, in the back of the hearse is passed out, alcoholic, failed father figure, Vietnam vet, sixty-six year old Red—who works at the funeral home. Not having a driver’s license, Grace blackmails Red into driving her to LA. What Grace doesn’t know is that Red has struck a side deal with her stepfather and is planning on delivering her to the conversion therapy center. Along the way, an unlikely friendship forms and Red encourages Grace to be herself and to come to terms with her past so she can forge a future. In the tradition of Little Miss Sunshine, This Time is a heartfelt journey of discovery, acceptance, unconditional love and allyship.


Directed by Robert George Vaughn

Written by Allie Jennings

Produced by Jennifer Louise Gibson
Robert George Vaughn
Sahar Whelan

Cast Charles Martin Smith
Anwen O'Driscoll