The Exchange

Queer Stories


Availability ended 11/19/2023 EST
Mateo and Lucas, best friends, go out to party in a hot summer night. Mateo meets Lucia, and Lucia commits an act that will change their lives. From there, Mateo and Lucas will begin a search, both physical and personal. The Exchange exposes sexuality without fear, without labels, without holding back. It is the discovery of something that somehow touches all of us, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity. A film that shows the beauty of sex, love, friendship, and innocence.


Directed by Marco Berger

Written by Marco Berger
Alex Aguilera

Produced by Enrique Renta
Andy Rosenblatt
Mauricio Cortez
Alex Aguilera
Edgardo Manuel Rivera

Cast Franco Mosqueiras
Gonzalo Garrido
Irune Porcel
Diego Gomez Matto
Gimena Ramos
Freddy José Barrios Garcia
Eugenia Tais
Sofia Guerra