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Madame D.

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Dir. John Lavin / USA / 10 Minutes
A Mrs. Dalloway for our times, Madame D. follows a gender-fluid loner during one day of quarantine. Unable to cope with the reality rapidly descending around her, she chooses to exit on her terms: on stage at the seedy Allways Lounge, a chanteuse once more! David Lynch meets Cabaret in this distinctly New Orleans take on grand guignol in the time of plague.


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Dir. Sydne Horton / USA / 9 Minutes
On the night of the big dance, Artie is nominated for Prom King; as he nervously awaits for the announcement his friend Lucy notices something on the back of his pants.

In Orbit

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Dir. Katie McNeice / Ireland / 17 Minutes
In an interview Maura reflects on her past with an archivist studying human experiences and Maura shares her lesson in finding love and what she did to keep it.

Smells Right

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Dir. Joe Chen / USA / 25 Minutes
Ocean, a gay man with an extraordinary sense of smell has a fleeting acquaintance with a man who smells perfect to him and falls obsessively in love by recreating the scents. However, he starts to doubt his talent when he finds out the person who carries the scent is different from his imagination.

Dreaming Like Louis (Rêver Comme Lui)

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Dir. Valentin Merz Tanören / Switzerland / 19 Minutes
It's summer, Louis and Paul are on holiday in a bourgeois chateau in the depths of the countryside. It is hot, the house is empty, and the lovers are alone. But the couple is in crisis. Louis feels rejected, while Paul is becoming increasingly distant. Louis takes refuge in his dreams, which shift between desire and repulsion, longing and destruction, dream and paranoia.

Before The Blue

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Dir. Romy Pocztaruk / Brazil / 14 Minutes
A stream of images/thoughts about existence and violence, the passage of time, death technologies, the power of animal and mineral bodies, and art as a possible trace left by humanity when it ceases to exist after surrendering to its own omnipotence.

Stranger Out Of You

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Dir. Matthew Risch / USA / 16 Minutes
After meeting his ideal man, obsession quickly morphs into possession in this psychosexual thriller that ventures beyond reality.