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Dirs. Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson / USA / 8 Minutes
Narrated in ancient Hawaiian dialect, this beautifully animated short film is the origin story of the Mahu - legendary transgender healing spirits. Kapaemahu is a collaboration between Native Hawaiian educator and cultural practitioner Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Emmy and GLAAD award-winning filmmaker activists Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, and Oscar-nominated animator Daniel Sousa. Their works have screened in Berlin, Toronto, and Sundance, and touched hearts across the Pacific and around the world.

The Gay Mafia: A Musical

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Dir. Michael Yip / USA / 12 Minutes
The Gay Mafia's accountant must convince the West Hollywood mob bosses of his innocence when they accuse him of foiling their plan for queer domination. He must come out of the closet and embrace all his murderous tendencies to escape the mafia's lair.


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Dir. Kevely Ferreira / USA / 4 Minutes
A docu-animated short film depicting the memories of LGBTQ-identifying individuals relating to love, sex, and identity.

Lipstick And Leather

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Dir. Amy Oden / USA / 32 Minutes
In a buttoned-up city like DC, what happens when drag queens go rogue? Lipstick And Leather explores the “alt-drag” community in the nation’s capital, and how these performers are spreading their influence across the east coast.


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Dir. Breton Tyner-Bryan / USA / 4 Minutes
JESTER is an intimate look into the director-choreographer's personal vision as performed by Breton Tyner-Bryan, and hopes to inspire unity, equality, and freedom of expression, for a more inclusive world. The original score is performed by emerging trans vocalist and Indiana native Benjamin Fears.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

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Dir. Katie Schiller / USA / 15 Minutes
After Bee’s partner dies by suicide, Bee turns to their “Big Ex” - Ash - for comfort. Set in a New York City graveyard, in a time before anyone had heard of “social distancing,” this tainted love story is David-Lynch-meets-queer-millennials.

Canis Major

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Dir. Charli Brissey / USA / 10 Minutes
An artist suffering from severe writer's block relies on the friendship of their dog in this award-winning video-animation hybrid that ruminates on the relationship between dancing and earthly survival at the end of the world.


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Dir. Matt Porter / USA / 16 Minutes
Charles explores the gray areas of his own sexuality after going through an unexpected breakup.


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Dir. Heather María Ács / USA / 14 Minutes
Flourish follows five characters at a queer dance party and drag club. A seasoned drag queen struggles to disentangle from an unhealthy relationship juxtaposed with the abandon of young queers in love discovering nonmonogamy. The stories swirl together as the magic of a queer dance party pulls us in and the transformative power of drag allows us to break free.