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The Lonely Prince

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Dirs. Shivin & Sunny / India / 15 Minutes
A lonely Prince, drowning in melancholy, invites a Sculptor to his court to create a piece of art just for him. As the Sculptor spends his days chiselling away on a block of marble, the Prince too discovers a new side of himself, for a brief moment forgetting the world of solitude that surrounds him.

La Amante (The Mistress)

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Dir. Pati Cruz / Puerto Rico / 11 Minutes
During her husband's funeral, Maritere (70) receives an unexpected visit from Angela (65), whose presence re-awakens feelings from the past. Spanish language with English subtitles.


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Dir. Runar Thor Sigurbjornsson / Iceland / 13 Minutes
Andri, an anxious teenage boy, hides and represses his sexuality in fear of his masculine father's reaction but, on the eve of Andri's first date, he finds a clever way to reveal his secret. Icelandic language with English Subtitles.


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Dir. Andrew R. Blackman / New Zealand / 7 Minutes
Featuring breathtaking set pieces, this immersive documentary portrait delves into the fantastical world of artist Gui Taccetti, whose deeply personal work channels the anxiety of growing up gay in staunchly Catholic Brazil.

Keep Me At Bay

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Dir. Jingyi Hu / China-USA / 17 Minutes
Finding her father’s old coat in a storage box, Snow remembers the day her father came home from military service and the childhood trauma that led her to emotional distance from others.She tries to throw her past away, but new troubles come, and her loved one brings back her painful memories accidentally. Should she hold it back or bravely break through? Snow needs to make the decision.


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Dir. Andrew Blogg / Australia / 9 Minutes
A gay man’s attraction leads to a tense confrontation. Homophobia and fear play out in post gay marriage Australia.

Finally Leon

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Dir. Paula Weiß / Germany / 6 Minutes
In wintertime, two months after his top surgery, a young transsexual man is driving past an abandoned swimming pool area. In the heat of passion, he climbs over the fence and starts to undress. Revealing his true body, he finds freedom and a catalyst for his repressed feelings.


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Dir. Thomas Ducastel / France / 23 Minutes
A queer musical extravaganza! Georgie and Stan are two friends living in a small town in northern France. Georgie dreams of being in the spotlight while Stan wants to be a filmmaker. When Georgie finds out that his idol is going to the "Mister Northern France" pageant, Stan, the event videographer, helps him enter the pageant. As they prepare for the event, hidden tensions break out between the two friends.