In France Michelle Is A Man's Name


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Dir. Em Weinstein / USA / 12 Minutes
Young, trans Michael returns to his family home in the rural American West. His father takes him on a sultry exploit, striving to connect. In France Michelle is a Man’s Name was made by a group of trans, female and queer filmmakers in the fall of 2019. Set against the backdrop of the American West, this 12-minute film explores fatherhood, rituals of male bonding, and what it means to identify as a trans man in contemporary America.

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Directed by Em A Weinstein

Written by Em Weinstein

Production Company Valiant Pictures

Produced by Alix Masters
Rachel Shuey
Claire Tuft
Zachary Spicer

Cast Ari Damasco
Jerry Carlton
Olga Sanchez
Tim Blough
Miss Prys