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Dir. Sophie Kargman / USA / 7 Minutes
Over the course of a day, Jay and Alex, roommates and best friends, spend their time verbally jousting over whether it’s instinct or social norms that drives their heterosexual proclivities. The young men are bro-ey but thoughtful enough to engage one another on the topic. As the day unfolds through PlayStation battles and beers, the barriers slowly fall and the conversation climaxes in a choice that has a profound impact on their evening.

Honey Do List

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Dir. Nicholas Downs / USA / 8 Minutes
Honey Do List continues Walter and Frank’s story from the award winning film, The Handyman. Walter’s honey do list piles up & Frank is too busy to do the fixes, a new sexy handyman arrives with an agenda that isn’t exactly on Walter’s fix-it list. Can Walter resist this new temptation?


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Dir. Connor Williams / USA / 6 Minutes
Two young men struggle with showing intimacy in the public sphere.


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Dir. Jamie Di Spirito / UK / 17 Minutes
A hook-up between two young men - they make a connection, but it quickly becomes apparent they're looking for different things.

Homo Sapiens

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Dir. Cole Dupzyk / USA / 2 Minutes
On a subway car, a gay man comes face to face with his internalized fear of rejection.

Sextpert Advice

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Dir. Tobit Raphael Capati / USA / 8 Minutes
Revealing photos. Flirty snapchats. Emojis. Albert is a sweet young man who must traverse today’s rules of obtaining sex through a smartphone. Enter Sydney. In this short comedy, a gay millennial gets a boost from a handsome, seasoned professional to get “The D.”

Last Summer With Uncle Ira

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Dirs. Gary Jaffe, Katie Ennis / USA / 13 Minutes
Summer, 1991. Before he leaves for his last year at summer camp, closeted teenager Daniel is nudged by his mother Rachel to share a moment and a glass of lemonade with his Uncle Ira, who is dying of complications from HIV/AIDS. Ira wants to talk about their shared identity together before time runs out, but Daniel may not be ready to take that step. Starring Emmy-nominee Wayne Wilcox, Igby Rigney and Tony Award-winner Stephanie J. Block.

The Big Snore

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Dir. Matt Guerin / Canada / 9 Minutes
The sleep we lose for those we love...a light sleeper struggles one night to get some rest amid his man's loud snores.

How To Say I Love You At Night

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Dir. Andree Ljutica / USA / 16 Minutes
After a casual hook up quickly becomes unsettling for Benny he asks his Paul to leave. When he refuses, the night quickly escalates. This single take, 16-minute film explores notions of male-on-male intimacy, sexuality, and violence.