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F.L.Y. is a queer romantic comedy about two exes who get stuck living together. Things get off to a rocky start as Max navigates the situation with Raf, who just moved to LA with the dream of becoming the next drag superstar. Queer filmmakers Rafael Albarrán and Trent Kendrick wrote and directed the movie, aiming to uplift and inspire by showcasing the heart, dynamism, and diversity that makes the queer community so vibrant. “We dreamed up the movie we wished we could watch – a queer romantic comedy that helps us remember to laugh and love where we are. A film that shows us there are opportunities for healing when we pause and look inside.” About the cultural and political relevance of the film, the filmmakers said: “In our film, one of the lead characters is non-binary and dreams of becoming a drag superstar. Today, almost three years after we began writing the script, our country s politicians have intensified their villainization of our community. Fear is the driving force of their rhetoric because drag represents everything they are not – joyful and free.” Fresh off its sold-out debut at OUTFEST—a must see!


Directed by Rafael Albarran
Trent Kendrick

Written by Rafael Albarran
Trent Kendrick

Produced by Rafael Albarran
Trent Kendrick

Cast Rafael Albarran
Trent Kendrick