Bay Creek Tennis Camp

Queer Stories


Availability ended 11/19/2023 EST
Bay Creek Tennis Camp is led by Coach Charlie, a tennis star turned brusque middle-aged coach-and this year, he's signed on Assistant Coach Raegan, a non-binary college student and rising tennis star to help for the summer. Coach Charlie is accustomed to doing things his way, as he always has-calling the kids "Miss Williams" and "Mr. Brown" and separating them out each day according to gender for speed matches. Raegan, too shy to criticize, quietly tries a different approach-asking kids their pronouns and integrating games to get the kids engaged. But when some of the kids don't fit neatly into the gender boxes assigned to them, they decide the rules need to change once and for all.


Directed by Michele Meek

Written by Michele Meek

Produced by Michele Meek

Cast Paul Kandarian
Chase Meek
Miro Meek
Gala Spooner
Cooper Lantz