A History of Sitting in Waiting Rooms (Or Whatever Longer Title You Prefer)

Women In Shorts


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"A History of Sitting in Waiting Rooms (or whatever longer title you prefer)" is the coming of age story you never knew you wanted. Meet Lorena: a rambunctious six-year-old with six cavities. One for each letter in her name no one can pronounce. Lorena is a butch Latina fighting to find herself in the cacophony of Queens, NY in the 90s. With the help of her imaginary best friend, Boo, a civil war ghost, she will poorly navigate the drawn-out pains of puberty and the grief of adulthood.


Directed by Lorena Russi

Written by Lorena Russi

Produced by Lizz Astor
Sydney Davis

Cast Lorena Russi
Adam Jepsen
Savannah Deseormeux