2 Dollars


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Dir. Robin Cloud / USA / 15 Minutes
Syd works at one of the worst property management firms in the city. As a black queer masculine of center artist, Syd deals with the daily slights from ignorant co-workers, an oblivious boss, and a killer workload. Louise, a gambling-addicted coworker, pressures Syd into contributing to the office lotto pool. The following morning, Syd learns that they have won the lotto or so they think. In an act of rebellion, Syd trashes the office and when confronted, finds the courage to leave this life behind and pursue their dreams.

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Directed by Robin Cloud

Written by Robin Cloud

Produced by Rutina Wesley
Tara Donovan
Jordan Tyner
Misha Mikeyav

Cast Gabby Maiden
Karissa Lee Staples
Naomi Mack
Andrew Joseph Perez
Lisa Goodman
Mike Caravella
Veralyn Jones
Sydnee Washington
Ayesha Harris